Studio Pros is a ​design studio directing by Yi-Hsuan Li from Taiwan.​ ​ We specializes in minimalist and eastern design style, always engages in designs with combing traditional and modern element to express​ a different view with our special esthetic experience.​


Hello, This is STUDIO PROS!

Art Direction X Brand Experience
StudioPros (識破設計), is an award-winning design agency based in Taipei, Taiwan. We provide design services combined with our clients’ brands. We are dedicated to utilizing unique, fascinating and precise visual languages to narrate stories and promote the brands for our clients. We expect to create greater brand values and offer diverse possibilities for our clients.

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Our Working Process

Understanding demands and
becoming partners

Receiving the emails from our clients, we will reply with further details to reassure the demands. After we have reached and agreement, we will confirm the quotation, the schedule and establish the contract. Then we will become official partners.



Researching and Analyzing
(Pre-Design Phase)

After becoming partners, we will start to sort out and figure out the executing direction through thorough research and analyses to ascertain the market profile. Through meticulous studies of designs and competitive products, we will set about our design.



Discussing and Designing
(Design Phase)

Through comprehensive research, we will initiate our design. There will be about three essential discussions and three proposals for our design:

1.First discussion and proposal: to determine and verify the main design style

2.Second discussion and proposal: to develop from the elemental design, the first proposal; to complete a sound design system

3.Third discussion and proposal: to refine the extended design, the second proposal; to adjust all the details and produce the final edition



Accomplishing the project

Accomplishing all the designing processes, we will provide our clients with the final proposal as well as all the filed designing data and details, hoping to help lay solid foundation for the brands.

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Our Team 👀


Founder & Art Director


Yi-Hsuan Li is a problem-solving visual designer focusing on print and screen-based design — Branding, Typography, Packaging, Web and App Design. She specializes in minimalist and eastern design styles; she always engages in designs combined with traditional and modern elements to offer a different view with her special aesthetic experience. Yi-Hsuan is presently the design consultant of IBM iX and she expects herself to compose designs that are first and foremost based on User Experience. 

Her designs have won " Adobe Design Achievement Award ", "Golden Pin Concept Design Award 2016 ", "DFA Design for Asia Awards 2016", “K-design award”, and featured on "Computer Arts Magazine", "It's Nice That" and so on. She has cooperated with several international companies and well-known events such as Facebook, GOGORO, Helsinki Design Week, Golden Melody Award, Golden Pin Design Award. She is the selected designer by Shutterstock for the campaign “Get Creative” in 2018 and top 3 most viewed designer on behance Taiwan (over 700K views). (Download Intro)

李宜軒,台灣設計師,StudioPros 設計總監。畢業於交通⼤學應⽤藝術研究所。致⼒於藝術指導、 品牌識別設計及開發。作品⾒長於東⽅元素的多元結合及減法美學,以創新⼿法凝塑設計的可能 性。現為IBM iX 設計顧問,期許以User Experience為出發點導入更多⾯向之設計。 作品曾獲Adobe卓越設計⼤獎、⾦點概念設計獎、亞洲最具影響⼤獎優選、韓國K-Design Award 等,作品亦曾收錄於Computer Arts Magazine、Victionary、亞洲設計年鑑等設計書籍中,並曾於美國、芬蘭、韓國、中國、台灣等地展覽 。 合作過的客⼾包含Facebook, Shutterstock, Helsinki Design Week(赫爾辛基設計週), Golden Melody Award(台灣⾦曲獎) 等。此外,在2018年時受Shutterstock邀請並獲選為台灣代表設計師, 代⾔年度活動 GetCreative。在behance台灣地區,她是作品閱覽量前三高的設計師(作品閱讀量超過70萬次)。



Strategic Director & Engineer

Kai-Hsiang Ho 何凱翔

Kai-Hsiang is a SEO engineer, techie, and hard working dream maker. Full of passion and interests in creating a fast, smart and friendly website by using advanced analytics. He had cooperated with some of most talented designer and engineer from the world, and being open-minded to any opportunity to empower people’s future – from web design to software engineering, to user experience analytics and more.




Art Direction

Creative Arts

Identity Design


Packaging Design

Advertising Content Design

Print Design










Work with

Facebook / Lipton( Unilever) / Ministry of Culture / IBM / Acer / Shutterstock / Wacom / Atom Medical / Mocacare / Golden Melody Award Taiwan / Kaohsiung Museum of Fine Arts / Roaders Hotel / Ju Percussion Group/ GOGORO / National Chiao Tung University / Chi Ming Publishing Company / Red Peak Taiwan / TAKE MAGAZINE / Golden Pin Design Award / Tatung Company / Left Side of Pinglin Street

Facebook / 立頓 (聯合利華) / 文化部 / IBM / 宏碁電腦 / Shutterstock / Wacom / 亞拓醫療 / Mocacare / 金曲獎 / 高雄市立美術館 / 路徒行旅 / 朱宗慶打擊樂團 / 坪林街左邊 / GOGORO / 交通大學 / 啟明出版社 / Red Peak Taiwan / 拾誌 / 方道文山流創意有限公司 / 金點設計獎 / 大同公司



Studio Introduction ( EN&CH )

Introduction of Founder ( EN&CH )

Our working Process ( CH ) ( EN )


Our Favorite

They are all our favorite designers, please feel free to
contact them if there is any need.

Art Director Ting-An Ho

Interactive Artist KeJyun Wu

Product Designer TaChung Liu

Photographer Shengyuan Hsu

Print Company Wei-Yang Printing

3D Animation Designer Penguin Kao

2D Animation Designer Chen Po-Yin

Photographer Junyou Liu

Product Designer Diao Chao