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IBM Sport Day


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IBM Taiwan Sport Day

Art direction : Yi-Hsuan Li / 李宜軒
Visual Design : Yi-Hsuan Li / 李宜軒
Animation : Penguin Kuo
Client : IBM Taiwan
Date : Nov. 2018

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2018 IBM Sport Day的設計以球類的運動模式為主軸,以四種不同球類進行視覺發展。設計上以光影描繪球體輪廓及空間感,光影交錯呈現神秘、帶有科技感的視覺風格。此次色彩選用了代表科技與聰明的靛色,並以黑為底相襯。在大片黑色裡,球的光影劃過,畫面聚焦有力,為IBM的sport day帶來嶄新的一頁。

Project Concept

The 2018 IBM Sport Day is designed with motion pattern from ball sports as the core concept, referring to four different balls for visual development. The design depicts the outline and space of the sphere with light and shadow, and interlacing to present a mysterious and technologically-oriented visual style. Adopted indigo represents technology and cleverness, which is set off by a black background. The light and shadow from the balls stream across the large black, composing and focusing a powerful picture to bring a brand new page of IBM Sport Day.

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